Cowboys have Looney, Williams, McGovern as options at center

The Cowboys drafted Travis Frederick in the first round of the 2013 draft. They were criticized by many for using the 31st overall choice for a center.

Frederick proved the Cowboys right with five Pro Bowls and an All-Pro.

But Frederick was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome, an autoimmune disease, in 2018. He missed that season before returning in 2019.

Frederick, 29, recently retired.

Joe Looney replaced Frederick in 2018, starting all 16 games. So he’s an option. But the best case scenario might be for left guard Connor Williams to win the job with Connor McGovern taking over at left guard and Looney as the backup on the interior because of his versatility.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy said on a conference call this week that they have plans to try Williams and McGovern at the position along with Looney.

“Well, I think Travis is a player that’s had a great career,” McCarthy said. “Obviously, he’s to be commended on that. But we look at our current depth with the offensive line, I think you start off with Joe Looney and the two Connors. So I think we’ve got great competition, great depth. We’ve got Marcus Henry there, also Adam Redmond. We have some really good flexibility, some really good numbers. So the fact that we’re able to get started and just start going through the language and how we’re going to call things, I think the fact that we have that much experience with the veteran group that we have here, I feel very good about moving forward.”

McGovern missed his entire rookie year with a pectoral injury after the Cowboys drafted him in the third round.